Sucking Ash’s cock in a hotel room

I’m simply adorable with cock in my mouth!

Ash and I took a weekend road trip to unwind and have some fun, and I just couldn’t wait to suck his dick as soon as we arrived at our hotel!

Perhaps this is what it would look like if I sucked your dick in a hotel… or perhaps you’d like to buy me a drink on our next vacation?

Love Ya’ll XOXOX

I gave Ash a long teasing edging BJ

Watch me give Ash a slow edging blowie. He almost came half-way through the video but I slowed him down to make him wait for it!

Have you applied for my fan search? If I like what I see then maybe I’ll give you a slow edging experience! If you don’t want to cum play with me then perhaps encourage me with a little donation!

Love Ya’ll!


Giving Ash a sensual edging blowjob

I gave Ash a long slow sensual teasing blowjob, ending with just the tip of my tongue under the head of his cock until he exploded into my open mouth! Damn, I’m good (and adorable)!

I love my husbands cock but I wouldn’t mind giving a slow edgy suck off to a long heavy cock, do you happen to have one of those in your pants? Or at least can you show your support encouraging me to find one?

love ya’ll XoXoX