Dreaming of showing some fan appreciation!

Winter has been such a busy time! It’s great to be inside with hubby making sure I keep him warm and satisfied! I truly love sucking cock and finding all the ways that I can give Ash pure pleasure!

More pleasure for both of us would be if I could get a fan to come on out and let me give them one of my most sensual blowjobs! There is nothing more I crave than getting a nice fresh load of new cum in my mouth. I love getting to taste it for the first time and enjoying every drop before I swallow it down. Where are all the fans at? Have you checked out the fan search page? Have you told your friends they could have a chance to! It’s an easy form to fill out and I will email you back with the details.

I also enjoy the occasional new cock fucking me while I suck on hubby’s cock so that when I orgasm I get to hum on his cock in my mouth. As well as the other way around having Ash fuck my pussy with a nice hard fresh cock in my mouth, moaning on it while my pussy spasms! I truly love sex and giving blowjobs.

I also enjoy all the support that ya’ll give. Thank you for the donations! We use it to up the quality of our videos and to have the extra time to film for you!

Love ya’ll,



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